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Covid-19 Update


Effective Wednesday March 18, 2020 we will temporarily no longer have  morning sick walk in hours Monday thru Friday and will be suspending walk in hours for Sundays and Holidays. 

This change is to comply with CDC guidelines regarding exposure to Covid 19 and patients with fever and respiratory symptoms.  

Until the threat of Covid 19 passes we will no longer be able to offer any walk in, unscheduled office visits.

The office phones will open at 9AM Monday thru Saturday.  Patients are instructed to phone the office beginning at 9AM so that staff can offer triage,  guidance and scheduling patients for scheduled in office visits or other appropriate management.  

We will make every possible effort to treat your child in office as permitted by CDC guidelines.  We ask for your patience during these difficult times.  

We understand this is an inconvenience but it is crucial that we observe CDC guidance.  We anticipate this being a temporary change and we will certainly inform you when we return to our normal hours of being available every day of the year.  


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As always, your health and safety  is our number one priority. During these challenging times it is increasingly important that the physicians at Pediatric Physicians, Inc., as your primary care provider, keep you informed on our approach to the challenges ahead of us. We will communicate updates about the Coronavirus  (causing the disease COVID-19) on a regular basis through your patient portal and Pediatric Physicians website. We want you to feel confident that we have you, and your family’s best interests in mind with all of our recommendations as we respond to a rapidly changing situation. 

What are Coronavirus symptoms?

The Coronavirus presents just like the flu caused by Influenza and cannot be distinguished from Influenza by the symptoms. 

What ARE Flu like symptoms?

  • Coughing
  • Onset of muscle and joint aches and pains
  • Fever 
  • Cold symptoms
  • More serious symptoms would include Shortness of Breath

What if I have flu like symptoms or need care during this time? 

Primary care plays an important role in preventing the rapid spread of the Coronavirus.  If at any time, you think you need to be seen in our office, please call us first so we can make sure we find the best way to care for you.  If you have mild symptoms of the flu, we will treat you remotely instead of an in-person visit for your safety and the safety of others.  

  • If you have a routine office visit scheduled in the next few weeks, please contact  the office to decide if the appointment is essential and how we can provide you the care you need in another manner.

Important Guidance for All Patients

  • Do not go to work if you have flu like symptoms 

o If your employer still wants you to come into work when you are ill, we can provide you with any note they will require

  • Obtain over the counter medications to help control symptoms and remain home until your symptoms resolve.  Remember cold/cough meds are not recommended for children under the age of two.

o Acetaminophen or ibuprofen for any aches and pains (Tylenol or Advil)  Remember ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) are not recommended for children under 6 months and any child under the age of two months should not receive Tylenol/Motrin without guidance from a physician.